Things to do in a science club

Things to do in a science club


In this section, we explore one of the schemes you could use to give you ideas for your science club. Other resources are described in the Resources section.


One set of materials you may find particularly helpful, are the CRESTSTARInvestigator materials. These have been developed for the BA by Millgate House and were launched in September 2007.

CRESTSTARInvestigators has three Awards: Star, SuperStar and MegaStar. In addition, interested children are also offered the opportunity to become Young Science Ambassadors (YSAs).

Star and SuperStar engage children with a range of activities, set in scenarios. At MegaStar, the children undertake a series of projects, each project containing several activities.

Ethos of the scheme

The Guiding Principles behind the scheme are a useful starting point for those wishing to develop their own activities.

The five Guiding Principles govern how the activities have been developed. A CRESTSTARInvestigator activity offers children the opportunity to:

  • solve a relevant, science-based problem, set within a scenario
  • work in pairs or small groups, independently of adults
  • take part in practical, hands-on science activities
  • think and talk about science, during the activity and when sharing their results
  • share their results using a variety of media.

This new scheme has a strong emphasis on progression, with each Award building on skills developed in a previous Award. As the children progress through the Awards:

  • they solve increasingly complex problems, from a wider range of contexts
  • they make more decisions themselves about how to carry out, record and interpret the activity
  • the length of the activities increases
  • they reflect on, discuss and share their ideas about increasingly complex ideas
  • they share their results more widely, and in more diverse media.

Download a copy of the Guiding Principles document. It is a helpful tool for those developing their own science club activities.