Guidance for teachers - Paragraph level literacy

Many teachers have found it helpful to model Explain HOW or Explain WHY questions by having a structure as below;

Paragraph level literacy This model highlights that there is a sequence of events (or flow of ideas) within an explanation which need to be written in order so that the explanation makes sense to the reader. To make this order clear then the sentences that pupils have formed for their Think / Sequence should now be sequenced and linked together using connectives. The chart below gives some examples of how this can be done.

  Sequencing the sentences to build a paragraph
Answering an explain HOW question Answering an explain WHY question
Opening sentence Firstly.. ..because..
Some suggestions to help pupils link to subsequent sentences
This led to..
In addition.. means that..
Should.. then..
Above all..

It is very helpful if teachers can explain to the pupils that now they have sentences in their Think / Sequence they have shown how much they understand the process, and so writing the paragraph is an opportunity to communicate this understanding to a target audience.

It is motivating to the children if over a period of time they get opportunities to write for different audiences via their Thinking Frame paragraphs. These audiences could be; younger children, a letter expressing a scientific view to justify.. , an information leaflet on …, a newspaper article, a script for a TV presenter, etc.